Saturday, June 12, 2010

Still Going

Wednesday -- woke up but it was rainy out, so I opted not to run. Instead I did about an hour on the Wii and according to that I've lost some weight and lowered my BMI. Woo hoo.

Friday - woke up at 4 am, tried to go back to sleep but after being unsuccessful for an hour, got up to run. Found my pedometer but apparently managed to put it on upside-down or my waistband rolled over or something because at the end of my 30 minute run, I did 20 steps. It was really humid even at that hour and I sweated a lot. I was a total mess by the time I was done. I also brought along my spiffy new i-pod. Running with music was kind of nice. I'll have to program a mix to coordinate with my 30 minute run.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Back - June 7th

I had to take a few weeks off--my schedule was just too full. And that whole "do something for three weeks and it's a habit" does not work on me. I could do something for three years, miss one day and never look back.

Although I was making small progress on my last two runs (can I call them that if I'm still walking a lot? Maybe "ralking" is a better term) I still felt discouraged. I was really hoping to be in shape for the summer. Nothing screams Failure! more than not making your goal.

So now that Bud is home, I thought I'd try again.

Here's how it works. I go to bed thinking, I have to get up early to run, or ralk. Then I wake up about every 90 minutes wondering what time it is. At about 5:15 when I'm ready to pass into a coma, I realize it's time to get up.

Monday morning--5:30 AM I head out the door and up the street. Yep, no park this time. Bring on the hills. I had pretty much given up on the strict schedule of this many minutes walking, this many running. It was just too depressing to realize I couldn't make it past three minutes. I stopped timing myself and have no idea how long my longest run was. So I run when I feel like running and walk when I feel like walking. I always have to do things my way. It went amazingly well. I did run several times over the course of 30 minutes. I think I'll try that again on Wednesday.

Maybe this can become a habit afterall.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Last Week

Last week I ran on Tuesday and Thursday. I was discouraged but sister Lynn gave me an inspiring story about a runner who only lost three pounds but lost five sizes. Guess that fat into muscle thing worked for her. So maybe that's my thing too. I have noticed my pants (some of them anyway) are a tad looser. So I could deal with the number on the scale if the number in my pants--wait, that doesn't sound right at all--well you know, the pants size went down.

Just to change things up, I went the opposite direction at the park. That worked well because everyone else was going counter-clockwise. I went clock-wise this time. I liked that better because I didn't have to try to speed up to get past someone. Or startle someone by running up behind them.

Imagine a large rectangle with a more or less rounded corner rectangle inside of it. That's the layout of the track around Howdershell Park. I managed to run from one corner down the long side to the other corner. Not a half lap, but the length of it. That was the farthest I've managed to run so far. It felt pretty good.

I did the same thing on Thursday.

Maybe I am making some progress.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Still Chuggin' Along

I walked. I ran. On Wednesday and on Saturday.

Feeling really discouraged. I thought regular exercise was supposed to give a person more energy. I feel half-dead most of the time. I don't feel like I'm making any progress whatsoever in running. Maybe this just isn't for me. Maybe I'm just too old to be doing this. Maybe I just have too much other stuff going on. I'll see how the rest of this week goes.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning Blues

Still keeping up with my routine. Just didn't have it this morning. Felt tired and slow. Yet somehow I managed to get the most steps recorded than on any other day. My pedometer must be goofy or the running steps count extra. Yeah, that must be it.

Beatin' the Boys

I stayed on track and got to the park on Saturday--with two boys in tow. Josh had a friend spend the night and the deal was they both go with me in the morning to run.

They hung out on the playground while I did my laps. I retrieved them for the last two laps. Hey, can you guys run for one minute? Sure, no problem. At forty seconds, they stopped; I kept going. WOO HOO! Passed the boys.

Of course that was the challenge they needed. For the final trip around, they bet they could beat me back to the truck. They did. But that included my cool down period, so let's just say I let 'em win.

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

Along with my new fun and very comfy shoes, I have purchased some appropriate clothing.

First item was a sports bra. I had a cotton one which made me look like I was twelve years old. Where did the girls go? It's like a mammogram in a bra. But "cotton is rotten" according to runners--everything needs to be moisture wicking fabric. Translate that into expensive. And I am so cheap. At KMart, I found Joe Boxer makes high and medium impact sports bras with molded cups and moisture wicking fabric. Perfect and I get to look like a woman. And they were cheaper than the cotton-make-you-flat-as-a-fried-egg type.

I had my one top I bought off the clearance rack when I got my shoes. Then I saw the Nike store at Mills had a clearance sale and I snatched up some serious 80% off sale price bargains--all with the special dry weave fabric.

Running clothes tend to be clingy and body conforming. The fabric can't do its job if it's not next to your skin. I get that. The tops might as well have big red arrows pointing to every bulge and roll. But I draw the line at the pants. My arse is big enough without being amplified by body hugging fabric. I had to go with regular cotton blend jogging pants. Tip--don't hem up pants before washing and buy a size larger. I thought I grew and inch and a half and gained 15 pounds overnight. The pants shrunk. A lot. With the granting of a small miracle, maybe, just maybe, by summer time, my hiney will not be considered an extra appendage and I can celebrate by wearing real running shorts. Long ones of course.

Niece Jessica has been inspired to start running. You go girl! She says she bought running shorts and she is one person who would look really good in them. For the rest of us in training, they are a cruel design. Someone should invent beginner running clothes for out of shape people. Something that won't make me look like a shrink-wrapped marshmallow.

I have to say though, the special fabric does its job. Even though I'm sweataing, I don't feel like a drowning pig. Might look like one, but we won't go there. Comfort is key.