Saturday, June 12, 2010

Still Going

Wednesday -- woke up but it was rainy out, so I opted not to run. Instead I did about an hour on the Wii and according to that I've lost some weight and lowered my BMI. Woo hoo.

Friday - woke up at 4 am, tried to go back to sleep but after being unsuccessful for an hour, got up to run. Found my pedometer but apparently managed to put it on upside-down or my waistband rolled over or something because at the end of my 30 minute run, I did 20 steps. It was really humid even at that hour and I sweated a lot. I was a total mess by the time I was done. I also brought along my spiffy new i-pod. Running with music was kind of nice. I'll have to program a mix to coordinate with my 30 minute run.


  1. Hi Aunt Ruth! Keep at it! Running in the summer is tough, but I have found if I go early in the morning, I do best before it gets crazy hot. I have been working on getting some good playlists together for when I run. I like to coordinate my pace with the tempo of the music (run to the beat) so I get fussy with that stuff.

    Anyhow, do keep at it. Running is tough, but I always feel a ton better after having done it even on the days when it is hard.